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Our Mission
To provide AutoCAD consulting, custom AutoLisp/Visual Lisp programming and on-site AutoCAD training to enhance your design/drafting process and enrich your company.
Company Profile
Alan R. Henderson has been working with AutoCAD® software and creating custom programs since 1984. A'cad Solutions LLC is dedicated to creating custom AutoCAD programs that help your design/drafting employees become more efficient at their everyday design/drafting tasks. Please see the "Products" page to view a few of our custom programs. We have worked in most design/drafting fields including (civil engineering, architecture and manufacturing). We have written countless simple to advanced custom AutoCAD programs in the last 30 years. Most custom programming is done through emails and phone calls, therefore reducing the cost to the consumer. We have worked with companies in almost every state in the USA and for companies all over the world.
Please feel free to contact us if you are seeking a solution to your design/drafting/manufacturing needs.
Company Philosophy
Helping companies to increase the efficiency of their engineers, designers and drafters by providing customized programs that increase their productivity and by increasing their knowledge of AutoCAD.
Here is an example of how simple shortcuts can make a big impact on productivity. If you have a command that takes 5 keystrokes/mouse picks at an average of 5 seconds to use. By changing the command to 3 keystrokes/mouse picks you save 2 seconds each time you use the command. If you have 5 designer/drafters who use this command 50 times a day, you will save 500 seconds per day (8.33 minutes). Multiple the savings by average 200 workdays per year and you will save 27.77 hours or 3.47 man-days per year. Now imagine having 10 new commands that each save 2 seconds or more every time.
By using even more advanced programming you can start saving man-months or even man-years. A good example of time savings is the Manufactured Housing FRAME program. Clayton Homes uses the program and estimates that to create all the frame wall drawings for an average manufactured home takes around 30 hours using standard AutoCAD. By using FRAME, all the frame wall drawings can be created in approximately 30 minutes. With 100 homes created per year, the time savings is around 2500 hours per year (over 1 man-year). The program takes care of some of the mundane drafting responsibilities, allowing the designers to spend more time on the more critical or important design process.

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