A Breakthrough for Manufactured Home Design
FRAME is a graphical or data driven CAD program specifically designed for the Manufactured Building Industry for the creation of frame walls.

Programs Details -
Pricing per Seat - $5,000 (Call for Site Licenses prices)

Initial Training
Training is total of 8 hours for 1st copy of software and then 1 hours for each additional copy. Note - does not include basic AutoCAD training.
Training is performed via Web Conferencing if travel distance is more than 200 miles from A'cad  Solutions Office.

Yearly Maintenance Fee
10% cost of software
Includes phone support and/or customer programming on an hourly basis with the hours available determined by the purchase price.
Additional phone support can be purchased in 2 hour segments at $60 per hour. Additional Custom Programming at $100 per hour (See "Additional Custom Programming" )
Yearly Maintenance Fee payable on anniversary of Purchase
If Yearly Maintenance Fee is stopped for any reason, then all warranties fixes, phone support or program changes will require payment of all previous Fees and next year Fees.

Warranty Period / Bug Fixes
The programs will be warranted for 1 year beginning after the final installation date. The warranty will cover problems with any part of the program or graphical interface. Any problem discovered should be brought to the immediate attention of A'cad Solutions. All problems will be fixed in a timely manner at no charge. There is no charge for discussions or support relating to problems.
Please note - The warranty does not cover changes to the design/manufacturing process or problems caused due to user modification of the programs.

Original Source Code
Purchase of the Original Source Code is available for additional cost. Please contact A'cad Solutions for more information.

Note - A’cad Solutions retains all rights to the program and reserves the right to sell, use or change the original code in any fashion.