A Breakthrough for Manufactured Home Design
FRAME is a graphical or data driven CAD program specifically designed for the Manufactured Building Industry for the creation of frame walls.

Project Wall Data Example -

Model 28' x 60' 
Drawing Name 50512
Last Revised 5/11/2005
Plant Number 909
Plant Name Commercial
Unit Type Double
Unit Length 720
Unit Width 316
Low  Wall 90.25
High Wall 127.125
Door R.O. Width 0.75
Door R.O. Height 0.5
Window R.O. Width 0.5
Window R.O. Height 0.5
Stud Spacing 16
Stud Thickness 2
Top Plate Thickness 2
Bottom Plate Thickness 1
Wall Width 4
LayFlat Width 4
Stud-capped End Walls No
Wallboard Width 48
Wallboard Height 96
Wallboard Type VoG
Future Plant Use 1  
Future Plant Use 2  
Future Plant Use 3  
Wall Number 1
Wall Last Revised 5/11/2005
Wall Type End
Wall Orientation Perpendicular
Wall Ceiling Type Vaulted
Flat Wall Height  
Wall Layout from Right
Stud Layout from Right
Distance to Start 0
Distance to End 154
Length of Wall 154
Stud Spacing 16
Stud Thickness 2
Double Top Plate No
Top Plate Thicknes 2
Bottom Plate Thickness 1
Wall Width 4
Wallboard Type VoG