A Breakthrough for Manufactured Home Design
FRAME is a graphical or data driven CAD program specifically designed for the Manufactured Building Industry for the creation of frame walls.

Programs Details -
Program Details
Program Examples (version 2.2)
Program Examples (version 3.0)
Plant Data Example
Project Data  Example

FRAME Key Features -
FRAME is “rules” based on standard construction practices
Designs created based on user determined specific Plant/Building standard parameters
Create accurate drawings in a fraction of the time
Globally revise drawings for changes in Plant/Building parameters

Quickly create a wide range of walls for Single or Double-wide units additional components -
Openings (Door, Window, Pass-through, Access Opening)
Vertical Layout Studs
Horizontal Blocking Studs

Drafting Output with all walls in one drawing -
Each wall created on unique layers
Layout data with all studs labeled and major studs dimensioned
Cut Sheet data for all studs organized by size and length
Bill of Material data output in ASCII format by -
Totals by Material size by thickness and width
List of each piece by thickness, width and length

NEW Features now available in FRAME Version 3.0
Single-wide units only
Add center stud for support
Program allows center cripples at openings

Double-wide units only
New Stud-capped End Walls
Double studs on End wall at marriage wall with last stud to bottom of trusses and 2nd to last stud to bottom of top plate

All units
Graphics Interface to determine direction wall is built based on direction of user picked points
New Sheet layout
   8 1/2"x11" sheet for walls up to 180"
   17"x11" sheet for walls 180"-300" walls
   42"x24" sheet for Walls over 300" (Side and Marriage Walls)
All frame drawings can now be created inside plan drawings or using Externally Referenced plan drawings
   Allow users to create User Drawn Extra Studs with non-standard materials
   Add user drawn studs to Cut sheet and Bill of Material
   Add Special Material text to Stud Text, Cut List Text and Bill of Material output file text
New Stud layout
   Studs on center starting from layout end all the way across wall including openings (for Tape and Texture)
   Studs start on center after each opening (for Vinyl on Gyp)
New Wall Board layout (Vinyl on Gypsum Board or Tape and Texture Gypsum)
   Program to give board widths and height based on stud layout type
New Stud Text to Leader Text
   Program allows user to select stud text and change to leader
Shift Stud location text and leader
   Program to shift the text and leader for overlapping stud text
New checks for overlapping features (openings, vertical and horizontal studs)
   Program now has additional checks to verify there are no overlapping features
New Opening locations
   Program now allows openings to start at the first or last stud in a wall