AutoCAD Programming

Key Benefits
Create custom programs to streamline CAD process and maximize productivity

I have been working extensively with AutoCAD since 1984. I have written thousands of custom programs costing from $25 - $50,000. These programs have been simple AutoCAD enhancements to complete Automated Design-Drafting Systems.

One of my business philosophies is to cut keystrokes, selections and mouse picks. Assuming 1 employee uses a command 100 times/day for 200 days at 1 second per each keystroke.
Cutting 1 keystroke each time the command is used saves 5.55 man-hours per year per employee.
With 5 employees the time savings is 3.47 man-days per year.
If you have 5 employees using 10 commands 200 times each day and you can decrease the number of keystrokes by 1 keystroke for each command, the savings is 34 man-days/year

References - (Contact names available upon request)
    Berkline Benchcraft LLC
        programs to create 3d frame parts with integrated database
        programs to create Sewing Specifications and Sewing Engineering Reports
        programs to create automated material cut machine patterns

    Sterling Engineering - Surveying, Civil Engineering and Architecture
        programs to enhance Land Development Desktop commands
        programs to enhance Architectural Desktop command
        custom layering programs
        programs for custom Title Blocks, Notes and Plotting

    Lane Furniture
        programs to create Sewing Specification drawings

    Klaussner Furniture
        programs to create Sewing Specification drawings

    StyleCraft Furniture
        programs to create Sewing Specification drawings

    Clayton Homes
        programs to create complete stud wall drawings

    Pathway Bellows
        automated drafting system for fabric bellows drafting
        automated drafting system for metal bellows and piping drafting