AutoCAD Training


I typically create a custom AutoCAD training session based on the needs of the company using the following steps - 

  • Discussion with Management (typically via email and phone) to determine -

Company drafting/design product and current methods

            Number of employees to be trained
            Level of employees’ AutoCAD expertise

            Additional specific needs for training

  • Create a detailed outline and schedule of the training for review by Management

  • After outline and schedule approval - create cost estimate

  • After approval of cost estimate -

            Create a “Not to Exceed” contract for the training
            Set training time and date as agreed upon by Manage and A’cad Solutions
            Receive Purchase Order from company


All classes are on-site classes at Company facilities -

            Use of Client computers (preferably 1 per student, but not required)

            A’cad Solutions can provide a laptop computer and digital projector (if required)


There is no limit to the number of people allowed in the training sessions.

However, the optimum size of a class is 3-6 employees with the same level of expertise.

The hours of training (and cost) may be increased in proportion to higher number of trainees and differing levels of experience.

This is due to increased number of questions and additional help required during training.

I typically do not teach each command in AutoCAD, instead I focus on teaching the skills and commands necessary for participants to accomplish their job at a greater efficiency.


AutoCAD training is for versions up to 2008.

I have extensive expertise in the use of AutoCAD and AutoCAD customizing.

I have extensive expertise in programming AutoCAD using AutoLisp and VisualLisp.


Training can be for drafters, engineers, architects, surveyors or management.

Depending on the number of employees and their level of expertise, I might recommend several training sessions.

  • Basic AutoCAD training - fundamentals of AutoCAD, terminology, user interface (command line, menu, right-click), Coordinate system, basic selection sets, object snaps, new-open-save drawings, basic layering, display commands, basic drawing commands, editing, modifying, dimensioning, basic plotting, undo, spell check

  • Intermediate AutoCAD training - drawing management, drawing setup, Intermediate commands, plotting, grips, advanced selection methods, working with multiple drawings, drawing scales and units, multiple views, hatching, polar/object snap tracking, text and notes, groups

  • Advanced AutoCAD training - Advanced commands, blocks, attributes, external references, model/paper space, working with images, managing layers, advanced plotting

  • AutoCAD management training - plot manager, system variables and drafting settings, dimension styles, setup linetypes, drawing preferences/options, CAD standards (layers, blocks), drawing prototypes, Today window, menu and toolbar customization, command aliases

  • AutoCAD programming - AutoLisp and AutoCAD VisualLisp programming


Minimum training time is 2 hours and the maximum is 12 hours per day.

Training fees are per hour plus travel costs

Travel within 200 miles of Knoxville, TN - $25 per hour travel time plus current IRS Mileage charge

Training requiring flight - Airfare, Hotel, Auto Rental and Per-Diem.

See the "Rates" page for the rates.