A'cad Solutions SewSpec

SewSpec Typical Design Process

Convert Gerber "AccuMark", Micro Dynamics "MicroMark", or Lectra format machine Cut Files into -
      AutoCAD lines with Text - Blocks, Drills, Pen lines, Operation Stops & Cut lines
      Piece Data transferred - Bundle Code, Style File ID, Part Name, Material, Left-Right location
      Program calculates - Square Feet, Perimeter Inches, Number Notches
      Program checks for overlapping cut lines and highlights pieces
      Insert Piece Data text block associated with piece lines show –
            Bundle Code, Style File ID, Sequence (Part) Number, Part Name, Material, Quantity,Left-Right-Single location, Square Feet, Perimeter Inches, Number Notches
Insert Sewing & Pre-Sewing/Folding title block sheets
Move piece(s) to appropriate sheet -
      Move 1 piece and associated entities (text, piece line, drills, etc.)
      Move multiple pieces and associated entities (text, piece line, drills, etc.) – by bundle code group
Insert Heading and Note text from user maintained text lists (multiple language allowed by layering)
Draw custom linetypes along piece edge –
      Hem, Seam, Serge & Zipper lines with original length shown
      Elastic, Gather, Join & Gather and Handtape lines with original and gathered amount
Draw custom linetypes across interior of 1 piece or across multiple pieces –
      Elastic, Gather, Join & Gather and Handtape lines with original and gathered amount
Insert Sewing Inches around all or portion of pieces with stitch type & size –
      Stitch types –
            Single Needle, Double Needle, Top Stitch, Saddle Stitch, 1 Side Saddle Stitch, etc.
            Stitch size – stitches per inch
            Start and stop location shown via bubbles with letters
Insert Sew to/from Bubbles for interim locations (notches)
      Allow user to rotate bubble, stretch leader and change letters
      Program can highlight used letters and find next letter to use
      Find blank Sewing Operations to add operations
      Remove and change Sewing Operations
Insert Pre-Pleat Sewing Inches with Sewing Inches and Bubbles
Insert Sewing Inches along edges of pre-sewn pieces
Insert Sewing Inches across interior of piece at drill circles and notches
Add Special Sewing Operations –
      Rope, Fringe, Hems and Welt (Braided, Foam, Wire, Cordless), etc.
      Insert Velcro Hook & Loop – Tabs, Interior Blocks, Strips and Strips across pre-sewn pieces –
      Insert Wire raw material with Size and Length
      Insert Leather Grade blocks
Insert Sewing Events (single timed event) -
      Insert Sewing Turn Corner blocks
      Insert Pleat arrows and Match Pleat Arrows with program automatically finding pleats
      Insert Pleat Box arrows and Sewing Inches
      Insert Dart Sewing Inch and Bubbles
      Insert Dart Reinforcing Seams
Insert Special Stitch-To arrows and text
Assign Left-Right-Single piece location to piece data blocks
Check for Pieces without Left-Right-Single settings
Add extra quantity for additional pieces not shown in drawing
Add Part Number (sequence number) to Piece Data blocks
Numbers sorted by material type and then by part name
Add totals to 1st Sewing Sheet –
      Total number of Pieces, Total number of Leather Pieces, Total number Headings, Total number of Groupings
Insert Sewing Engineering Report by piece, group of pieces, each sheet or all project
Insert Bill of Material
Plot 1 Sheet, multiple Sheets or All Sheets