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Cutting Edge Sewing Instruction and Engineering Report Program

SewSpec is a cutting edge program designed to facilitate the creation of Sewing Instructions and Engineering reports. The program was written to allow Furniture Product Development Personnel and Sewing Engineers to create a single drawing document for sewing upholstered furniture. The software combines bundling instructions, sewing instructions, bill of materials and sewing engineering reports into one comprehensive document.

Program Benefits
Software significantly reduces design time and drafting errors
New users quickly trained with user-friendly interfaces
Create complete, accurate, single-source documents in a few hours
Project drawings easily created or modified for new or similar styles
Improved communication between management, sales, product development, manufacturing and accounting
Create bid documents for sub-contractors
Manager controlled - file folders, title blocks, layers, colors, linetypes, plotting, headings, notes, raw material, stitch operations, sewing events, multiple language capabilities
Engineering report output in inches, TMU, minutes. Etc.
Eliminate the task of manually calculating engineering information – total sewing inches, sewing operations and events

Program Overview
Using Sewing Cut Files the personnel can create accurate drawings that show –
Import cut marker file from Gerber, Micro Dynamics or Lectra files
Organize pieces by bundle code for folding, pre-sewing and sewing
Insert raw materials from cut files, blocks or user defined lengths
Insert specialty items - elastic, wire, loop/hock strips and tabs, etc.
Input sewing stitch operations and sewing events
Create sewing instruction notes
Create engineering report - sewing inches, events and raw materials
Create bill of material with summaries of all materials
Output data to other programs – bill of material, engineering report
Printing of sheets is automatic – all sheets or individually selected sheets

Detailed information
SewSpec Design Process
Sewing Instruction Notes Module
Bill of Material Module
Raw Material Module
Sewing Engineering Report Module
Drawing Examples
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